Tougher Speeding Fines Come in to Force – April 2017

Motorists who are caught and sentenced for a speeding offence on or after the 24th April 2017 will face  new .  sentencing guidelines.

 It has been reported that over 100,000 speeding fines are issued each year, with up to 44% in the last 5 years as highlighted by Green Flag. After a consultation with magistrates, other criminal justice professionals and interested parties, the new tougher penalties are being introduced.

Under the new  guidelines, drivers can be   fined  175 per cent of their weekly wage for grossly exceeding the speed limit

There is a cap of £1000 for offences committed on roads which are not motorways and £2500 for offences committed on motorways.

Severity of the Offence:

New sentencing guidelines are set out below..

Speed Limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph)
Band C Band B Band A
20 41 and above 31 – 41 21 – 30
30 51 and above 41 – 50 31 – 40
40 66 and above 56 – 65 41 – 55
50 76 and above 66 – 75 51 – 65
60 91 and above 81 – 90 61- 80
70 101 and above 91 – 100 71 – 90
Points/disqualification Disqualify 7 to 56 days or 6 points  4 to 6 points or disqualify 7 to 28 days 3 points

Table Source: Sentencing Council

Starting point Range
Fine Band A  50% of relevant weekly income  25 – 75% of relevant weekly income
Fine Band B  100% of relevant weekly income  75 – 125% of relevant weekly income
Fine Band C  150% of relevant weekly income 125 – 175% of relevant weekly income


Can you AvoidSpeeding Fines?

If you fit the criteria to be offered a speed awareness course and undertake it within the requisite time period you may avoid court proceedings. Similarly if you are offered the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty this means you will only have to pay £100 and will have 3 points endorsed on your licence if you comply with the terms of the offer. Neither option is available if you have driven at a very high speed.The magistrates will fine offenders having regard to the guidelines but also taking into account the circumstances of the offence including aggravating and mitigating factors, personal mitigation and they will give credit for a guilty plea.

Further Information

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