Single Justice Procedure Notice

What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?

A Single Justice Procedure Notice is a document which requires a person upon who it is served to respond to the Magistrates Court indicating whether they are pleading guilty or not guilty to an offence. They are used for most types of non – imprisonable motoring offences that can only be dealt with in the Magistrates Court. These notices are designed to speed up the court process. It is sensible for you to get legal advice before completing the form in case the legalities have not been complied with, you have a defence to the matter or there are special reasons why your licence should not be endorsed with points or you should not be disqualified from driving.

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Motoring Offences

Single Justice Procedure Notices are often issued for:

  • Speeding
  • Using a mobile whilst driving
  • Driving without due care & attention

What to do if you receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice

If you receive a Single Justice Procedure Notice, it will outline:

  • The details of the offence
  • The options available to you
  • The evidence relating to the matter
  • The consequences of not responding to the notice with 21 days

Only you can respond to the Notice – your legal representative can advise you on the best course of action and you can respond either in writing or on the Government website. Alternatively we can write to the court on your behalf and you will not need to fill the form in.

What will happen if you do not reply to The Single Justice Procedure Notice

It is important that you respond to the Notice within 21 days with a guilty or not guilty plea.  If you do not respond, the matter may be dealt with in your absence and then the court will notify you of the outcome but will not have heard any relevant factors or mitigating circumstances.

The Magistrates Court may decide not to deal with the case in your absence and ask you attend court, for example, if they consider you to be at risk of disqualification or you have pleaded not guilty and the case has been set for trial. In that instance, a date will be sent to you when you will be required to attend Court. If you are required to attend Court then seeking legal advice before the hearing could have an impact on the outcome of your case.

If you are not sure how to plead, or are worried about the potential outcome of the case in terms of penalty points and/or disqualification, seek early legal advice and representation.  Moore Motoring Law will work hard to help protect your licence – 0115 784 1588

Have you received a Single Justice Procedure Notice? Further Information:

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