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Fixed Fees

In most cases we will be able to agree a fixed fee with you in advance.  It is difficult to be prescriptive because each case will depend upon the seriousness of the case, the location of the court hearing, the amount of paperwork, whether you want us to deal with the case by way of letter or attend personally, what you wish us to achieve on your behalf and how you want us to try and reach that outcome.

We will always have a free initial no-obligation discussion with you first to establish if we can help you.  If you want to take the matter forward, we will then agree a fee for each stage of the proceedings with you which will then be put in writing.  

Initial Conference

Bespoke Advice
£350 to £450 + vat
  • Taking instructions
  • Obtaining and reviewing case papers
  • Verbal and written advice on plea and likely outcome
  • Entering a plea with the court in writing ( if relevant)

Letter of Representation

£200 to £300 + vat
  • Written representations to the prosecution
  • Based on instructions
  • Objective being to try and get the case discontinued or lesser charges substituted
  • Liaising with the prosecution and court

Letter of Mitigation

£200 to £300 + vat
  • Entering a guilty plea with written representations to the prosecution
  • Based on instructions
  • Objective being to try and persuade the court to sentence in absence without the need to attend in person and to reduce the penalty
  • Liaising with the prosecution and court

Lodging an Appeal Notice

£250 + vat
  • Completion of Appeal against Conviction/Sentence Form
  • Lodging the form with the relevant third parties
  • Liaising with the court and prosecution

Court Representation

Guilty Plea
£650 to £750 + vat
  • Full preparation of the case
  • Consideration of any character references
  • Personal representation to advance mitigation to try and keep the penalty to a minimum

Court Representation

Not Guilty Plea
£650 to £750 + vat
  • Full preparation of the case
  • Liaising with the prosecuting authority
  • Undertaking case management procedures
  • Completing all necessary forms
  • Personal representation

Court Representation

Exceptional Hardship/Mitigating Circumstances Hearing
£1200 to £1500 + vat
  • Full preparation of the case
  • Review of all supporting documents
  • Personal representation

Court Representation

Special Reasons Hearing
£1500 to 2000 (half day) or £2500 to £3000 (full day) + vat
  • Full preparation of the case
  • Taking statements from witnesses
  • Reviewing all the evidence
  • Personal representation

Court Representation

£1500 to £2000 (half day) and £2500 to £3000 (full day) + vat
  • Full preparation of the case
  • Gathering evidence
  • taking statements from witnesses,
  • Reviewing all the evidence
  • Personal representation

Police Station Interview

£800 to £1000 + vat
  • Personal representation at a police station interview

What is excluded from Fixed Fees?

Third party fees

Our normal fees do not include payments to third parties such as experts or medical reports.  We will always obtain a quote from the third party and agree the fee with you before commissioning any reports. Normally VAT is payable on third party fees.


VAT is charged at 20% on our fees .

Court Fees

Any monies the court order you to pay including fines, costs and a victim surcharge.

Defence Costs Order Application

If you are found not guilty of an offence we will be able to claim for some of your legal fees to be repaid to you. We charge a fee of £200 plus vat to make this application on your behalf.

Factors which may increase our fixed fees

This could occur where there are multiple offences, several witnesses, complex legal issues or the court hearing is more than 30 miles from our office address.  We will discuss any increase in our normal fees with you first and agree the same before carrying out the work.

If during the proceedings an unforeseen event occurs which increases our fees we will discuss this with you first and provide you with revised costs information. Normally we are able to pre-empt most situations and our fees will remain as originally quoted.

Factors which may decrease our fixed fees

This could occur if we are already at court on another case on the same day, if you have another court hearing date and we are simply applying to adjourn your case or any other circumstances that we feel are relevant. We will discuss any decrease in our normal fees with you first.


We are very much in the hands of third parties with regard to the timing of your case and when matters will reach a conclusion. We charge you for the initial conference before the conference. We will then issue invoices prior to each stage of the proceedings which require immediate payment unless we have agreed otherwise with yo

The Team


We are a small team of specialist motoring lawyers who are supported by a paralegal and administration assistant. Maria Moore, the most experienced and senior solicitor in the firm  will lead and supervise your case. On occasion, subject to workloads, your case will be led and supervised by Imogen Cox, with your agreement, though Maria Moore will continue to oversee the case.

Maria Moore – Director

Maria has over 30 years’ experience in the criminal justice system.  She is an accredited police station representative, a solicitor and high court advocate which means she can deal with matters from the police station, through the magistrates’ court and in the crown court.

Her whole working career has been spent dealing with both criminal and motoring matters.  She initially trained as a legal adviser which meant she advised the magistrates the very people that deal with the matters in court.  Over the years she has dealt with thousands of motoring matters from low level speeding offences to the most serious offences of death by dangerous driving.  She represents clients in all manner of hearings including trials and special reasons hearings but specialises in exceptional hardship arguments. She has appeared regularly on local radio to talk about motoring matters with the occasional TV appearance.

Maria has been described as an’ iron fist in a velvet glove’.

Lucy Whitaker – Director

Lucy Whitaker a solicitor with over 12 years’ experience exclusively dealing with motoring law and transport matters. She has dealt with all manner of cases from overloaded vehicles to death by dangerous driving and regularly appears in the Magistrates Court. Lucy initially set up her own law firm and attracted many clients due to her technical capabilities.

Lucy has her own case load under the trading name Pragma Law which she leads and supervises herself.

Lucy leaves no stone unturned and pays great attention to detail.

David Swingler – Consultant Solicitor

David has over 20 years’ experience and has worked continuously in crime and motoring law.  He has defended all manner of cases and for a number of years acted as an agent prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service so has a working knowledge of how cases are prosecuted at court.  He has conducted all manner of hearings but his specialism is trial advocacy.

David  will fight your corner.

Imogen Cox – Consultant Solicitor

Imogen is a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience who is an accredited police station representative, solicitor and higher court advocate.  She has always specialised in crime and motoring law.  She has dealt with all manner of cases from speeding to defending death by careless and dangerous driving.

Imogen is professional and approachable with an excellent reputation.

Georgina Geddes – Paralegal

Georgina has several years experience in motoring and road transport law. She is able to handle cases of all levels of seriousness and has a wealth of knowledge having done all her legal training in this area of law.

Georgina enjoys looking  at every angle of your case and will try to ensure you get the best outcome working very closely with Maria on your matter.

Claire Howley – Administration Assistant

Claire has many years’ experience working for law firms.  As well as administration wok she liaises with clients, courts and third parties to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Claire is an asset to the firm who helps maintain our quality standards.


Supervision of Case Work

Maria and Lucy, the Directors of the firm, have overall supervision of all the files which are regularly reviewed. Maria supervises all the work of Georgina and oversees the work of Imogen Cox.