Removal of a Disqualification

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How can you remove a disqualification ?

You can apply to the Magistrates Court to have the disqualification removed before the end of the disqualification period.

When can you apply for removal of a Disqualification ?

  • If the disqualification is for less than 4 years – after 2 years
  • If the disqualification is more than 4 years but less than 10 years – after half the period has expired
  • In any other cases after 5 years.

Who will deal with the matter ?

  • The Crown Prosecution Service will be in attendance at the Magistrates Court to give details of the original offence.
  • The magistrates will hear the application and make the decision whether to allow you your licence back early.

What factors will the Court  take into account ?

  • Your character
  • Your conduct subsequent to the conviction
  • The nature of the offence
  • Any other circumstances.

Do you need any documentation for the court hearing ?

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to bring corroborative evidence to court to support your application.

Will you be able to drive straight away if you are  successful ?

  • Yes, if the Court order that the disqualification is removed with immediate effect
  • The Court can decide to give you a licence back at a later specified date.

Why would you need a solicitor ?

  • To advise you on your chances of success
  • Assist you in obtaining a court date
  • Tell you whether you need any supporting documentation
  • To represent you in court.
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