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We understand the importance of protecting your licence and can help whether you are facing a motoring offence, penalty points or a disqualification.

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Having over 30 years’ experience in motoring law, I can say with confidence that I have dealt with every type of road traffic offence. I will either deal with your case personally or oversee it from start to finish and will be readily accessible if you have any queries. I work with a small team of very experienced lawyers but I remain your point of contact.

I have high success rates in clients avoiding disqualification, reducing the length of a ban, minimising the number of penalty points imposed by the court and persuading the relevant authorities to withdraw proceedings.

As a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate, I can deal with cases at the police station, in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court. I started my career as a legal adviser which meant I trained magistrates, the very people who make the decisions in court.

– Maria Moore, Director

Maria Moore

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    Client Testimonials

    •   Big thank you to Moore motoring law, Maria and David. Excellent professional advice from the very start, gave me all the information I needed to put my mind at ease. Also David’s representation in court was first class and his experience shows with him able to ensure the lowest possible outcome, for me, in my situation. Hopefully, I will never need to use their services again but I would highly recommend them to anybody with any type of motoring offence.

      thumb Peter Murphy

        Absolutely amazing from start to finish. Was extremely worried about a situation I had got myself in, albeit completely out of character. Was a very very nervous time for me as losing my license would have meant I lost everything including my job. Maria and her team was helpful, professional, clear and thorough from the outset. It was Imogen who represented me in court and I cant stress enough how fantastic she was in that court room. I received the best possible outcome and kept my license. Without these guys I would of undoubtedly lost my license. As far as I am concerned this was a one off and will never ever happen again, however if I ever was in any situation of this kind in the future there is no where else I would turn. Can not recommend highly enough!

      thumb Holly Smith
    •   Maria and her team were very helpful through the entire process and explained all the options I have available with my case. The case went in my favour, had it not I would have had a loss in earnings and even potentially lose my newly purchased house. Cannot recommend them enough!

      thumb Ollie

        I will be eternally grateful to Moore Motoring Law for the fantastic results which Lucy was able to negotiate relating to my 3 offences . Throughout the process Maria and Lucy were very helpful ,the communication was exceptional. Thanks to the Team i got to keep my job with t6 points on my license and a fine. HIGHLY RECOMMEND VERY PROFESSIONAL TEAM 5 STARS

      thumb Paulo Roberto
    •   So glad I reached out to Maria & her team. Unfortunately I was in a situation where I could have lost my drivers licence and it was very much needed for my job. Maria & Lucy were both absolutely exceptional from the minute I spoke with them until the end. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

      thumb Lauren Snarey

        Maria and all at Moore Motoring Law were fantastic when I approached them for guidance. They worked professionally and quickly to a very high standard in the very short time frame available before my court date. Their knowledge and advice was outstanding which really reassured my choice in selecting Moore Motoring Law to represent my case. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who needs professional, high quality motoring law advice which can cater for all budgets.

      thumb george helsdon
    •   Having used Moore Motoring Law recently I couldn't speak more highly of the whole process. From start to finish Maria was informative and quick to answer any questions I had. Once in court Maria came into her own and put my case across in a very professional and detailed statement. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Moore Motoring Law to anybody in need of a motoring solicitor.

      thumb Mark Osborne

        I cannot describe how much i appreciate Maria's work and her professionalism. She helped me to hold my license even though my case was extremely complex and i nearly lost hope for this case to be resolved in my favour. Maria's approach and Her professionalism was stunning, Do not hesitate to ask for Her service I truly recommend and believe She is best in what She does.

      thumb pawel iskra
    •   It was my first time in a courtroom and maria and the other lawyers at her practice made everything really easy to understand before the court date explaining every possible route to take and the likely outcome of each. Maria did an increadible job putting my case forward on the court date getting me the minimum sentence. If you mess up and find yourself in trouble I could not recommend this practice enough! Thanks again!

      thumb Raj Lawrence

        Maria seems to know her subject very well form years of specialised experience. She grasped all the keys point; asked good probing questions to bring out more relevant information. She was clear and honest about the options and prospects. In person she was very supportive. She presented excellently in court.

      thumb Paul
    •   Maria and her team have been incredibly helpful during a very difficult time in my life. Having gotten myself into quite a pickle last year, Maria provided excellent service and prompt response at all times. Her communication is clear and concise. She was able to reassure me and deal with everything to make my situation as easy to manage as possible. I wouldn't look anywhere else for help should I need it in the future. I am very happy with the outcome of my case, which couldn't have been achieved without the help of Maria. Thank you so much!

      thumb Nicola Jackson

        Maria and her team are exceptional. The detail they went into when preparing my case was more than I had expected and it paid off, as the result went in my favour. Had I been banned from driving I would undoubtedly have lost my home and business. I was represented on the day by Imogen who I suspect could do her job with her eyes closed, she is that experienced and calm. Her and Maria are like 2 peas from the same pod, both know their jobs like the back of their hand and are hardworking and diligent. There is a reason they are the best at what they do. Imogen put me at ease beforehand and then when the time came she presented my case and saved me from certain doom. I would urge anyone that is in my situation to contact Maria, you will not regret it.

      thumb Matt Patman
    •   Maria was very helpful all the way through the process of getting to court and checking out all the police work was done correctly. She was always available to speak to on the phone if required, but I never really felt the need to ask too many questions as she always makes it quite clear where you stand. She then managed to get me the lowest possible sentence for my category of drink driving, for which I am very grateful.

      thumb John Jenkins

        I had two offences of phone while driving and exceeding speed limit which has different date for court hearing but I can’t even explained how Maria got the two cases joined together and the cases were presented in the court the same day. Maria did unimaginable job at the court and the two cases were ruled in my favour. I would have given her 10 stars but the star spaces is only five, extremely professional 100% recommend, she is the best.

      thumb Okechukwu Leonard Echedolu
    •   Thoroughly professional from start to finish. Maria presented my case to the court flawlessly and I am very happy with the result. Thank you!

      thumb Nathan Hollings

        5 stars I cannot thank Maria and her team enough. The service I received was second to none and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone requiring professional and experienced legal advice. Maria has been effective with communication the entire journey and available to converse with whenever I have needed. This was my first speeding offence and I was very upset and anxious about what the outcome may be. Maria is straight to the point and supportive and I wouldn’t change a single thing about the process (other than speeding in the first place). It was Imogen that represented me in court. She made me feel relaxed and at ease before entering the court room. Imogen was incredibly professional and persuasive and knew my circumstances as if I was speaking to the magistrates myself. It was excellent to represented by such an outstanding solicitor, as I would have struggled to say everything myself when put on the spot. The outcome was more than I could have ever wished for and will never be able to thank Maria and Imogen enough for all they have done for me. Thank you

      thumb Freya Bexon
    •   I am pleased to add to Moore motoring laws perfect 5 star review. After a long wait for a court date for totting up points to 12, Maria and her team have been excellent the whole time. Handling everything on my behalf for a full 12 months with a no problem approach. As with most people it’s a scary thought to potentially loose your licence and after standing up in court in front of the judges I am so glad that I had Maria defending me in the court room. Maria handled the case professionally and flawlessly. With a verdict of being able to keep my licence and with a substantially lower fine than I was expecting I couldn’t of wished for a better outcome. I can’t recommend Maria and the rest of the team enough as they all took the stress out of the situation from day one and always a call away if I had any concerns. Thanks again

      thumb Michael Borton

        The reviews below say it all…………...Maria and the team are true professionals from start to finish and I would have no hesitation recommending to anyone. Thank you for the support and outcome a fine result.

      thumb neil lawson
    •   Fantastic service received from Maria Moore. She negotiated a positive result for me regarding speeding offences. 100% worth making a call to her.

      thumb Kay Thomas

        I used this company about 18 months ago and I think it was Laura who helped me. She represented me at court and I got what I wanted! I was sure I’d done a review but didn’t which is why I’ve done it now. Definitely recommend!

      thumb LaurenKN


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