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Having over 30 years’ experience in motoring law, I can say with confidence that I have dealt with every type of road traffic offence. I will either deal with your case personally or oversee it from start to finish and will be readily accessible if you have any queries. I work with a small team of very experienced lawyers but I remain your point of contact.

I have high success rates in clients avoiding disqualification, reducing the length of a ban, minimising the number of penalty points imposed by the court and persuading the relevant authorities to withdraw proceedings.

As a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate, I can deal with cases at the police station, in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court. I started my career as a legal adviser which meant I trained magistrates, the very people who make the decisions in court.

– Maria Moore, Consultant Solicitor.

Maria Moore

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Client Testimonials

  •   Thanks to Maria and the team for the totally professional legal services... informative, timely, responsive and ultimately successful. From my initial ...I wonder if you can you help... the interview, follow up calls, timely communications both email and verbal explaining progress and scenarios. I can confirm my complete satisfaction. Should the need arise I would without question be in touch.

    thumb Andy

      Fantastic service. Maria is very well versed in this legal area and was professional and reassuring throughout the process. Maria is particularly good at responding quickly and making sure you know exactly what the different scenarios might be. Thoroughly recommended.

    thumb Paddy Brice
  •   Excellent service. I was really worried when the court letter came through my door. Maria and Laura explain the best process to go through and took complete charge of the situation. Leaving me stress free. Very happy with the outcome.

    thumb Antony Bateman

      Top notch service. I was expecting a short ban, but ended up getting some points and a small fine. Without Maria I would no doubt have been banned and potentially lost my job. Well worth giving her a call.

    thumb Phil
  •   Maria represented my son who is a young driver and who passed his test less than 2 years ago. He was involved in an incident which could have resulted in him losing his driving licence and in turn his job. Maria's expertise and representation resulted in the lowest penalty being applied, his licence intact and him keeping his job. Maria's knowledge of motoring law and of the court system is excellent, she gave my son confidence and supported him throughout. I would absolutely recommend Maria should you need legal assistance with a motoring matter.

    thumb Sarah Ferguson

      Maria is highly professional and filled me with confidence from the moment I first contacted her, to the day of the court hearing. She is a great communicator and takes the stress out of a worrying situation. Without her I would almost certainly have lost my driving license and thoroughly recommend her services.

    thumb Ben Mallinson
  •   I found Maria very knowledgeable and competent with regards to motoring law. My case was dismissed and I feel Maria played a key part in gaining this result. I would recommend.

    thumb John O`Donoghue

      Absolute 1st class service Marie was fantastic in court as my son nearly got a ban driving without insurance that he was not aware of, she fought to save his licence which she did and he got 6 points & a fine can’t thank you enough Marie highly recommend her and there the cheapest .

    thumb Lynne Hill
  •   Very professional and supportive, Maria was contactable at all times. Informative regarding legal procedures. Excellent representation in court with the best possible outcome. Would recommend to anyone who falls foul of the drink driving laws.

    thumb Barry Higham

      Maria has been absolutely brilliant in helping me fight my case of exceptional hardship after facing a potential ban by totting up points. She was very easy to get hold throughout the whole process and always explained he process clearly. Through er knowledge in the field, she managed to fight my case and persuade the magistrate hat this was a genuine case of expectational hardship Would recommend her to anyone facing similar circumstances. Thank you so much Maria!

    thumb Andy A
  •   Brilliant service from start to finish. Thank you Maria

    thumb Edward Hollands

      Maria has been exceptional, I left an answer phone message explaining my situation on a ‘Sunday’ and to my amazement, Maria contacted me the very same day. I gave Maria a brief description of my Drink Driving Offence, breathalysed 110 (3-4 times over the limit). Maria was highly professional and thorough from the very start. Maria explained to me that I was at risk of losing my Licence for 23 to 28 months and to expect community service, her absolute honesty and professionalism filled me with reassurance. Maria kept in contact regularly with updates about my case and I could contact her at any time, she always responded promptly with any questions. I had an excellent first class service. I am extremely grateful to Maria on how she dealt with my case. I am disqualified from driving for 24 months and have agreed to go on a drink awareness course, which will reduce my ban by 6 months. Due to my circumstances, family situations and work commitments, no community order was issued and I was fined £800. I was over the moon with the outcome of my driving offence and have Maria to thank for this. Maria was extremely supportive and understanding throughout my case and without a doubt I will recommend Maria. Truly Grateful ☺ Motoring Offence Client July 2018. Thank you Maria.

    thumb Denise A
  •   Maria took the stress out of a potential driving ban with great knowledge, fantastic advice and a very calm and considered attitude. Maria was recommended to me and I have absolutely no hesitation in passing that recommendation on. The outcome was successful too - Great value, Thanks!

    thumb Alasdair Coghill

      Maria was incredibly helpful and assisted me in avoiding a potential driving ban. Her knowledge and understanding of procedures helped me understand my options and what was about to happen. I would definately recommend her services to everyone.

    thumb Mark Kelland
  •   Absolutely first class service. Very diligent, thorough and well prepared. From the initial consultation I felt I was in safe hands. Thank you D Robinson - Doncaster

    thumb alishia fazal

      Court cases are not something i'm overly familiar with and with the date of a hearing hanging over me i made a decision to use a motoring specialist and came across Maria Moores Credentials online. After reading the reviews from one after the other of satisfied customers i made the phone call to Moore Motoring Law ( Maria Moore ) which would turn out to make me one very happy Chappy. Maria is a perfectionist in her role - pinpointing areas of the case to move forward and this is all done in a calming relaxing manner. Maria went way above and beyond my expectations on several occasions and i'm delighted to say my case was resolved in my complete satisfaction. You will not regret using maria's expertise in any motoring offence your involved in. Fingers crossed i'm never in a situation like this ever again but if i was then i know who i'll be calling. Thank you again Maria

    thumb Pete
  •   Great service provided by Maria, took emotion out of the situation but still put across a very powerful message in court which certainly won the situation round. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Duncan Fox

      Moore Motoring Law recently represented our daughter who, after having passed her test a mere 3 weeks, was at risk of being given a fine and 6 points on her licence for an alleged incident borne out of sheer naivety and inexperience. The case was handled throughout with great professionalism and sensitivity by Maria who provided an excellent portrayal of our daughter’s character, and put her case forward very truthfully and honestly. With her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the motoring law field, and after a very tense 3 week period, Maria managed to get the Fixed Penalty Notice cancelled, and no further action was taken. We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without her help and guidance throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend Maria to anyone else who found themselves in the same, or similar situation, or to utilise her services again should the need arise. An excellent solicitor. Motoring Law Client 2018

    thumb D
  •   After being taken ill in November I had my driving licence taken away by the DVLA, I was confused because my consultant have given me the ok to drive. I work as an account manager and would loose my job, house etc with no income I thought everything was over. I contacted Maria and explained my story she was brilliant, understood my case and worked to get my licence back without going to court. It took just a month to get it back. A massive thank you to Maria and I would definitely recommend and use her again, hopefully I wont need to!

    thumb Leigh Judson

      I was referred to Maria Moore via a friend who had previously been supported by Maria with his scenario. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maria. After many years of driving, this has been my first driving offence, so new territory for me. I didn’t know the process or what to expect. Maria made, what could have been a very stressful experience, one that was smooth and obtained me the best outcome possible of a bad scenario with out having to attend a court. Would highly recommend and would advise anyone who has any level of motor offense beit minor or very serious to work with her. Maria has a calm professional demeanour and is very reassuring and she has lots of experience at all levels of motor offending to get you the best possible outcome.

    thumb Anthony


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