Appeal against Disqualification

Can you appeal against disqualification?

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Can you appeal against the conviction or sentence imposed by the Magistrates Court ?

Yes. The appeal will be heard in the Crown Court by a Judge and two magistrates.

How do you appeal ?

You need to complete a form to appeal against the conviction or sentence.

Is there a time limit ?

  • Yes. The form has to be lodged with the sentencing court and the prosecution within 21 days of the sentencing date
  • If you appeal out of time, leave has to be granted by a Judge before you can proceed with the appeal.

Are there any risks involved in appealing ?

Yes. The Judge could increase the original sentence including the number of points or length of disqualification if you lose the appeal and order you to pay additional costs. Even if you win the appeal, the Judge could order you to pay additional costs but this is unlikely.

Why do you need a solicitor ?

  • To advise you on whether it is worth appealing
  • Help you fill in the appeal form
  • Assist you in applying for any disqualification to be suspended pending an appeal
  • Represent you at the appeal hearing.
Are you facing a driving disqualification?
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