Court representation

Court Representation

  • Magistrates Court – we have advised or represented clients in the Magistrates Courts for over 28 years so are very comfortable in the court setting both in front of lay Magistrates and District Judges.
  • Crown Court – we represent our own clients frequently in the Crown Court however if the matter is very complex or serious and we feel your interests would be best served by another advocate we will tell you from the outset of the case.


Standard of Service

In any court appearance we believe the following points are of the utmost importance;

  • Punctual –  we will not keep you or the court waiting.
  • Prepared- we will ensure we are fully prepared and have all the necessary supporting documentation
  • Professional – we know how to address the court properly and we will be dressed appropriately
  • Experienced – we have over 28 years’ experience of dealing with clients in court.

Plea by post

If the matter can be dealt with by letter we will advise you accordingly which will avoid you wasting time and will minimise your legal costs.

Attendance in person with a solicitor’s letter

We may advise you that it would be better for you to attend court but if you do not want to pay for us to attend with you we can prepare a letter on your behalf setting out the circumstances of the case.

Attendance by solicitor only

In some cases we can attend court for you and represent you without you having to go through the inconvenience and stress of attending court yourself.

Attendance in person with a solicitor

We can always attend  with you to represent you at court.

How will you know what option is the best one ?

Each case will turn on its own facts and we will advise you of your options, the likely effects and the potential costs implications.

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