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We understand the importance of protecting your licence and can help whether you are facing a motoring offence, penalty points or a disqualification.

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Having over 30 years’ experience in motoring law, I can say with confidence that I have dealt with every type of road traffic offence. When you use my services you will have the reassurance of knowing I will deal with your case personally from start to finish.

I have high success rates in clients avoiding disqualification, reducing the length of a ban, minimising the number of penalty points imposed by the court and persuading the relevant authorities to withdraw proceedings.

As a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate, I can deal with cases at the police station, in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court. I started my career as a legal adviser which meant I trained magistrates, the very people who make the decisions in court.

– Maria Moore, Partner.

Maria Moore

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Client Testimonials

  •   Great service provided by Maria, took emotion out of the situation but still put across a very powerful message in court which certainly won the situation round. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Duncan Fox

      Moore Motoring Law recently represented our daughter who, after having passed her test a mere 3 weeks, was at risk of being given a fine and 6 points on her licence for an alleged incident borne out of sheer naivety and inexperience. The case was handled throughout with great professionalism and sensitivity by Maria who provided an excellent portrayal of our daughter’s character, and put her case forward very truthfully and honestly. With her comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the motoring law field, and after a very tense 3 week period, Maria managed to get the Fixed Penalty Notice cancelled, and no further action was taken. We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without her help and guidance throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend Maria to anyone else who found themselves in the same, or similar situation, or to utilise her services again should the need arise. An excellent solicitor. Motoring Law Client 2018

    thumb D
  •   After being taken ill in November I had my driving licence taken away by the DVLA, I was confused because my consultant have given me the ok to drive. I work as an account manager and would loose my job, house etc with no income I thought everything was over. I contacted Maria and explained my story she was brilliant, understood my case and worked to get my licence back without going to court. It took just a month to get it back. A massive thank you to Maria and I would definitely recommend and use her again, hopefully I wont need to!

    thumb Leigh Judson

      I was referred to Maria Moore via a friend who had previously been supported by Maria with his scenario. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maria. After many years of driving, this has been my first driving offence, so new territory for me. I didn’t know the process or what to expect. Maria made, what could have been a very stressful experience, one that was smooth and obtained me the best outcome possible of a bad scenario with out having to attend a court. Would highly recommend and would advise anyone who has any level of motor offense beit minor or very serious to work with her. Maria has a calm professional demeanour and is very reassuring and she has lots of experience at all levels of motor offending to get you the best possible outcome.

    thumb Anthony
  •   An outstanding professional service. Consistently kept update whilst not over promising and removing the emotion from the situation. Absolutely recommended. Maria is a great professional to work with.

    thumb Simon Kidney

      Faced with losing a 15 year career, my house, the means to support my two dependent children and a six month driving ban after an accumulation of 12 points on my driving licence, I too read these Google reviews and on the back of them rang Maria. From that moment on I had no regrets, professional, charming, to the point and only your best interest at heart but best of all an honesty that cannot be mistaken. I won't bore you with the details of my day in court but I was so comprehensively represented the magistrates had no questions for me when in the witness box. The judgment was better than I dared hope and the case was over.I cannot recommend Maria highly enough, if you find yourself in need of the best give Maria a call you won't regret it, believe me.

    thumb Paul M


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