Newly Qualified Drivers

What is a newly qualified driver.
A person driving within the first 2 years of passing their driving test.

Using a mobile phone when driving – what is new ?

Using a Mobile Phone While Driving - Moore Motoring Law, Nottingham, UK

The purpose of the law To ensure safety on the roads and to protect other road users. Looking at or using your mobile phone whilst driving is distracting and prevents you fully concentrating on the road ahead. The old law It was an offence to use your mobile phone for performing an interactive communication function. […]

Driving a Vehicle in a Dangerous Condition

Ask yourself these questions about your vehicle Is your vehicle a little tired or worn? Have you ever been persuaded  to give a lift to all your friends when there is not enough room ? Have you checked your seat belts are working properly? If you are carrying a load do you ensure it is […]

Christmas News From Moore Motoring Law

We have had a very busy year advising and representing both individuals and companies on a wide range of motoring matters and have achieved fantastic results. We are very pleased to have maintained 100% 5 star google reviews and appreciate the time taken by happy clients to write a few words. Due to a significant […]

National Motorway Awareness Course

In our previous blog – Penalties for high-level speeding offences – we explained the sentencing guidelines for people that drive at excessive speeds. We are now going to look at low level speeders who commit offences on Smart motorways. When you may be offered a course If you are caught speeding on the motorway and […]

Death by driving legislation

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of press coverage about the change in penalties for people that cause death by driving. We thought it would be useful to give some information about current legislation. Also, we wanted to clarify what the difference is between death caused by dangerous driving and death […]

Penalties for high level speeding offences

Current sentencing guidelines On April 24th 2017 there was a significant change to the penalties for people who drive at excessive speeds. There are three categories for speeding offences, and the table below shows what these are and the severity of the fine for each band.   Speed limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph) 20 41 […]

Driving tests: should we be teaching more about motoring law?

It has probably been years since you took your driving test and the way in which the test is conducted now has changed significantly. Most people aren’t interested in what a driving test includes until their children are ready to start taking lessons. I am a firm believer in people who take their driving test […]

Too old to drive, who says?

Life expectancy has increased so both men and women are now expected to live to at least 80 years of age and many for longer. As some people get older, they remain fit and healthy, whereas many others have health problems. If you have an older relative or friend who is still driving are they […]

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